Are Extended Car Warranties Expensive?

For more information, see WalletHub's guides on mechanical breakdown insurance and extended car warranties. To qualify for a Toco warranty plan, cars must be less than 20 years old and less than 175,000 miles. Eligibility may also vary by plan. The extended car warranty is also known as the vehicle service contract.

It's an optional coverage you buy to pay for mechanical breakdowns. Most of the time, an extended warranty starts when your vehicle's factory warranty expires, but there are times when coverage may overlap. Unlike a manufacturer's warranty, an extended warranty can offer comprehensive coverage over a longer period of time. You usually have to purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer at the time of purchasing the car or before the factory warranty expires.

CARCHEX markets and sells extended warranties on behalf of third-party extended warranty providers, and your extended warranty will be between you and the supplier. When you buy an extended car warranty from Endurance, you receive one-year Endurance Elite benefits. Toco Warranty sells vehicle service plans, which are similar to extended warranties, and a Toco Warranty plan covers the cost of repairs to the car's systems and mechanical parts. However, auto insurance companies offer service plans for vehicles, while extended warranties are usually sold by dealers or third-party companies.

If you decide to buy an extended warranty, be sure to do your homework, watch out for auto warranty scams, and work with a reputable company. When looking for the best extended warranty for your car, it's important not to make any decisions until you've evaluated your options. This is an important question for a prospective buyer to consider, as they need to clearly understand what they will cover and what will not be covered by their extended protection plan. A comprehensive warranty is usually the most comprehensive extended warranty you can purchase.

Whether you own a new Mazda or a Toyota with more than 60,000 miles, CARCHEX's extended warranties are worth it. The exact cost of an extended car warranty depends on several factors, including the condition of the car, the mileage of the car, and the amount of coverage included in the warranty. Manufacturers sometimes have multiple extended warranty plans to choose from, but third-party vendors almost always give you plenty of options. Car insurance companies sometimes offer insurance against mechanical breakdowns, but they rarely cover as much as a car warranty provider such as CARCHEX.

If you're buying a new car, it's almost a guarantee that you'll hear a claim for extended protection plans at the dealership.

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