Are there any good extended car warranties?

Elite plans, like most extended warranties, don't cover vehicle maintenance costs. Endurance Advantage guarantees, on the other hand, do. The Endurance Advantage plan offers one year of free Endurance Elite benefits plus regular annual maintenance, including diagnostic engine tests, tire rotations, alignment checks, and up to three oil and filter changes. Endurance contracts have a consequential loss clause, which means that the company will only cover the components listed in the contract and not incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of time or transportation.

There is also a BBB alert against CarShield, so make sure you understand that you are not talking to a dealer or manufacturer when talking to a CarShield representative, and always read the fine print before signing any type of contract. Like all extended warranties, CarShield plans include a number of exclusions, so it's important to make sure you fully understand what is covered and what isn't. There are many reputable extended car warranty companies out there, but we think Endurance has the best car extended warranty overall. The company offers a wide range of coverage plans that last many miles.

In addition, Endurance is a direct supplier, which means that you will be working with the same company all the time. And, when the factory warranty is usually included with the cost of the car and the manufacturer performs maintenance, the extended warranties are sold by third parties for an additional cost. This stands out because most other car warranty providers negotiate plans of other companies, acting solely as intermediaries. If you're struggling to find an affordable extended warranty for your car, you should consider purchasing mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI).

Endurance offers six levels of extended warranty coverage that can last up to 200,000 miles, making it a good choice for extended warranties for cars over 100,000 miles. The extended car warranty covers vehicle repairs due to mechanical failures after the car manufacturer's warranty expires (usually after three years). If, for example, you plan to own your new car only for five or six years, an extended warranty may not be necessary, as the manufacturer's warranty is likely to remain in effect during that period. In addition to a good price, you should look for a reputable extended warranty provider with a strong customer service history.

However, you may want to have an extended warranty for peace of mind that gives you knowing that several costly repairs will be covered if the need arises. An extended car warranty, also called a vehicle service contract or aftermarket auto warranty, is an optional service plan that helps cover the cost of certain auto part repairs or replacements. We investigated an extended warranty supplier who refused to cover anything from BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or even some more expensive cars from US manufacturers, such as the Corvette. While vehicles over 13 years old cannot take advantage of the extended warranty with Protect My Car, the company does offer Ambassador maintenance plans.

Your need for extended warranty protection depends in part on the vehicle you're considering insuring. Some dealers allow you to add an extended warranty before the factory warranty expires, while others require you to get it at the time of purchasing a new vehicle. Infinite Auto Protection contracts have improvement and consequential loss clauses, giving them a little more room than other companies to deny claims. Extended warranties may be worthwhile for many car owners, but it's better to consider their situation when buying a contract.

For example, the extended warranty may cover the vehicle's air conditioning system (as many do), but not the cost of the new coolant, which is likely to be considered a maintenance expense. .

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