Can an extended warranty be added to a vehicle after purchase?

Yes, you can always purchase an extended warranty after the manufacturer's warranty ends. Although most modern automakers have a clause requiring car owners to enroll in an extended warranty program before the manufacturer's warranty program ends. Automakers usually sell ready-to-use warranty plans at pre-set prices. If you buy an extended warranty from a third-party warranty company, you can adapt that coverage to protect you where the factory warranty doesn't.

We recommend consulting sources such as Consumer Reports, J, D. Power, and RepairPal to determine car reliability, pay attention to common repairs that drivers encounter, and make sure your contract covers them. These additional benefits offered by CARCHEX easily turn into cost savings if you are faced with car repairs. Depending on your provider, different coverage plans allow you to customize the extended warranty to meet your needs.

The warranties do not cover oil changes, brake work, tires or other “wear items”, that is, things that are subject to wear and tear. Extended warranty pricing is highly personalized, and information about you and your vehicle will be asked when you request a quote. The specific terms of the contract, fees, taxes, charges and other charges are determined upon validation of the vehicle information and the supplier's acceptance of the extended warranty, and CARCHEX is not responsible. Extended warranties generally don't cover routine maintenance, such as oil changes or items that wear out, such as brake pads.

Selling a used car with a vehicle protection plan may increase its value, according to the NEA Member Benefits. Many third-party extended warranty providers offer similar coverage plans, such as powertrain or comprehensive, but not all extended warranty brands have the same level of customer service, reputation, and cost-effectiveness. The AAA Extended Warranty program is called the AAA Vehicle Protection Plan and covers the cost of repairs to the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, and brakes, among other things. Extended warranty coverage can save you hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars on vehicle repairs.

Working with the right automotive extended warranty company can make or break your experience when purchasing an extended car warranty. CARCHEX markets and sells extended warranties on behalf of third-party extended warranty providers, and your extended warranty will be between you and the supplier. A luxury or imported car may be more expensive to repair because parts are more expensive and difficult to find. In addition, since the AAA Vehicle Protection Plan is designed to supplement the original manufacturer's warranty, cars must meet certain requirements to qualify.

As a wise friend of mine who knew her way in the automotive industry used to say: “I'm willing to roll the dice.

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