Can extended car warranties be canceled?

If the guarantee was included in your loan, your car payment will not decrease, but you can cancel the car before the refund is deducted from your balance. We can say quite objectively that investing in a warranty is always better than paying for repairs directly, but if you want, can you cancel a car warranty? The answer is “yes”, but first we need to go over a few things. We'll discuss your options in the following sections if a dealer refuses to cancel the extended warranty. If you've found a better option, canceling your current extended warranty is a relatively simple and straightforward process.

The dealer told a man who tried to cancel an extended warranty that he had to make three payments before retiring. Some warranty providers stipulate a strict period of time, usually between 30 and 60 days, during which you are allowed to cancel the extended warranty without being charged any fee. The main reason people buy an extended warranty is that car dealerships love to encourage people to buy them. Purchasing an extended warranty from a company that is not backed by your car manufacturer can cause some headaches when your car breaks down in a different region and there are no approved facilities around.

While almost all new cars come with some repair protection, the average lifespan is only 36,000 miles, after which you go out on your own. Buying a car can sometimes bring unexpected frustrations, especially if you go to a dealership. But because many require you to meet a deductible before paying for repairs, these warranties are rarely worth it. If you have impulsively purchased an extended warranty for your car, you can expect to be able to undo this mistake and put the money in a better place.

You won't be able to cancel an extended warranty if you wait to do so until after the cut-off point. You won't receive a check if you financed your vehicle, and the extended warranty was included in the total amount. It's true that being prepared and having peace of mind when buying a new vehicle is good, but it's also worth knowing that extended warranties don't always cover all repairs; there is an “exclusion list” within the fine print of the contract, which omits coverage for certain parts and damages. If your extended warranty is covered by a household name that manufactured your vehicles, such as Ford, Honda or Audi, you likely have an OEM extended warranty.

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