Can I add an extended warranty after purchase?

Yes, you can always purchase an extended warranty after the manufacturer's warranty ends. Although most modern automakers have a clause requiring car owners to enroll in an extended warranty program before the manufacturer's warranty program ends. Vehicle eligibility for extended warranties varies by provider. Manufacturers generally require you to purchase an extended warranty on the day the vehicle is purchased or before the factory warranty expires.

Third-party contracts can be purchased for new or used vehicles at any time. The coverage of some third-party providers extends up to 250,000 miles. Yes, you can buy a car warranty after you get your car if you shop with third-party vendors such as CARCHEX. On the other hand, a dealer's manufacturer's warranty will typically only offer used car warranties on the day you purchase the vehicle.

If you have a used vehicle that is known to need certain repairs within certain miles, an extended warranty may be a safe bet. This website is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information regarding the purchase of extended warranties. You can purchase an extended warranty through a dealer or third-party warranty company that specializes in extended vehicle protection. If this is the case and you're worried about having to pay for unexpected maintenance and repair costs out of pocket, an extended vehicle protection plan can help.

Older cars with higher mileage are more likely to suffer breakdowns, and warranties with benefits such as roadside assistance provide significant benefits. The fact is that you don't need or should buy an extended warranty when you buy the car from a dealer. An extended warranty is an agreement with your vehicle manufacturer or a third-party company that protects you against costly repairs due to faulty materials or workmanship. Often referred to as service agreements, service contracts, protection plans, or service plans, extended warranties cover the bill for repair costs after the factory warranty expires.

A veteran car dealer recently told me that only 1 in 10 people who buy extended warranties end up using it. If you're buying a new car or truck, the first place you're likely to hear about an extended auto warranty is when you're signing documents at the dealer's finance office. Should something happen on the road, extended warranty coverage could save you unexpected repair costs. Most manufacturer's warranties cover common repairs for a short period of time or limited mileage, typically three to five years or up to 60,000 miles.

We know that extended warranties can be confusing without the right information, so we'll discuss when and where you should buy an extended warranty and whether a contract is worth the financial investment. If you think you may need additional coverage in the future, it's worth opting for a more comprehensive extended warranty plan.

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