Can you add the manufacturer's warranty to the used car?

When you buy a used car warranty, also called an aftermarket warranty, the original manufacturer's warranty may have already expired. The best extended warranty for used cars will help pay for unexpected repair costs, providing great peace of mind. A question that often arises is whether a used car will have warranty coverage. Unless the warranty has not yet expired, most used vehicles will not have warranty coverage.

The only exception is certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO) that have some type of warranty. CPO is often included in the cost of a vehicle. No matter which one you choose, if you buy used or new cars from the lot, eventually the manufacturer's warranty will expire. Extended warranties take over the manufacturer's warranty after they expire, cost extra money, and deserve their own section, so they'll be covered in a moment.

This website is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information regarding the purchase of extended warranties. According to Credit Karma, the manufacturer's warranty is the automaker's assurance that if problems occur within a certain period of time or number of miles, it will be responsible for repairs. Expanded car warranties are worthwhile if a driver does not have enough savings to pay for vehicle system repairs or if he is concerned about the reliability of his car. In addition, the price above is determined by the make and model, the mileage of your vehicle, and the year the model was manufactured.

Car warranties, also known as vehicle service contracts, are plans designed to pay for repairs to a car's major components and systems. The broader warranties called defense-to-defense guarantees often cover all major vehicle systems, including electrical components, heating and cooling, safety features, high-tech parts, and hybrid batteries. Basic car insurance covers state insurance requirements and offers additional coverages such as comprehensive, collision and underinsured motorist coverage to ensure you are insured in the event of an accident and when it occurs. For drivers with reliable cars and the ability to pay for repairs, used car warranties usually don't offer much value compared to expense.

We know, like many of you, that learning everything there is to know about extended guarantees can be a lot to assimilate. What is the difference between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty, the extended car warranties known as vehicle service contracts (VSC) and mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). Many insurance companies also offer an alternative to extended warranties called mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). It's probably a smart decision to wait until your manufacturer's warranty is about to expire to assess your situation and determine if you want to pay for an extended warranty.

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