How long does it take to get a refund for an extended car warranty?

Submit your documentation We also strongly recommend that you contact the original dealer. However, if the dealer is no longer in operation, you should contact the warranty company. On average, your refund should arrive in four weeks or more, depending on the date you filed your documentation. The waiting period depends on the manufacturer or third-party seller in question.

Most companies issue a warranty refund within four to six weeks of the request. Send the required documentation to the dealer or warranty company. If you haven't heard from the warranty company or dealer within two weeks, call and request an update. You should expect the refund to take four weeks or more from the date you submitted the documentation.

You must make the cancellation through the dealer where you bought it. The company told him 2 to 3 weeks because that is how long it usually takes, on their part, once they receive the notice from the dealer. The dealer then informs you of 8 to 10 weeks because that's what it would be like throughout the process. Now, I'll tell you that it's usually faster than that, but the dealer gives itself some time in case something extra is needed.

You've bought the car, only to realize that the price of the extended warranty you just bought is much higher than you remembered. For example, you'll receive a full refund of the Toyota extended warranty if you void the warranty within 30 days of purchase. In addition to helping you file an auto warranty claim with Honda, Hyundai, or any other car manufacturer, DoNotPay can do much more. While cars have become more reliable, when something goes wrong, “it's usually incredible,” says Scot Hall, former dealer finance manager and executive vice president of Swapalease, a lease negotiation site.

Many people start paying for an extended warranty as soon as they buy a new car, although it takes effect when the limited warranty expires. After driving the car for 10 years, Meisler said: “That car never needed more than routine maintenance. Every company has different rules regarding extended warranties, but most companies offer a refund for the unused portion of the warranty. Some consumers choose to purchase an extended warranty when buying a car to have higher warranty coverage than the manufacturer offers or to cover a used car that no longer comes with the manufacturer's warranty.

While this isn't ideal if you're looking to earn some money, it does mean that you'll eventually pay off your car loan early, since the repayment reduces the principal of the loan by that amount. If your car broke down and you want to request an extension of the warranty, you can do so easily with DoNotPay. Car buyers are often pressured to buy an extended car warranty, so called because it takes effect to cover repairs after the new car's warranty expires, even if they don't know how likely they are to use it or how much it actually costs. The accounting department is usually responsible for processing cancellation and refund documentation, so this is the fastest way to complete the cancellation of the extended warranty.