What does a car warranty offer you?

If the problem is included in the warranty, repairs are paid even if your car needs thousands of dollars in repair work. The car warranty covers the cost of the repair bill if you need to fix a problem with your car. It often covers parts such as the engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes and steering, although details vary by policy. Be very useful to protect your vehicle.

Depending on the type of warranty you have, it could cover your car for certain equipment breakdowns and mechanical failures. This coverage could pay part, or even all, of the costs associated with expensive car repairs. Both pay for car repairs and replacements, but mechanical breakdown insurance may not cover repairs due to normal wear and tear. If your car has a problem covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the car manufacturer will pay for the necessary work.

For repairs to be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you may need to take your car for service at one of your car manufacturer's authorized dealers or an approved repair shop. Warranties can last from one to three years, although there are some warranties that have increasingly shorter terms. You can purchase an extended warranty from a car dealer or from one of the many third-party car warranty companies. When choosing a car, consideration should be given to the length of the powertrain warranty, as it can save you money in case something goes wrong.

In fact, failing to comply with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule may void your car's warranty. Car warranties do not cover damage caused by accidents, theft, weather or similar factors that have nothing to do with the quality of the car. Audi offers several Audi Care packages, for example, that allow buyers to prepay for standard maintenance with the purchase of a new Audi. There are also other warranties built into the price of your new car (listed below), but this is the most common standard offer for this type of purchase.

So it's always worth checking if your car is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty before you start looking at other options. An extended car warranty, whether for a new or used car, can save you money on costly vehicle repair costs. A native of New England, I have piloted a wide variety of vehicles, from a Segway to an aircraft carrier. Of course, there are broader car insurance coverage options, which can reimburse you for damage to your vehicle.

CARCHEX markets and sells extended warranties on behalf of third-party extended warranty providers, and your extended warranty will be between you and the supplier.

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