What is a good price for a car warranty?

CARCHEX markets and sells extended warranties on behalf of third-party extended warranty providers, and your extended warranty will be between you and the supplier. It's smart to research this type of warranty to decide if buying one is a good fit for you and your car. To give you a better idea of how much an extended car warranty costs, we have listed below the quotes we have received from the leading suppliers in the industry. In addition to a good price, you should look for a reputable extended warranty provider with a strong customer service history.

CARCHEX offers warranty contracts of up to 10 years, and most comprehensive manufacturer's warranties expire after three. However, auto insurance companies offer service plans for vehicles, while extended warranties are usually sold by dealers or third-party companies. If you plan to keep your car beyond the manufacturer's warranty expiration, buying an extended warranty can give you peace of mind in the future. Toco Warranty sells vehicle service plans, which are similar to extended warranties, and a Toco Warranty plan covers the cost of repairs to the car's systems and mechanical parts.

If you have a highly reliable car, plan to change it soon after the factory warranty expires, or are comfortable paying for unexpected repairs out of pocket, buying an extended warranty may not be as beneficial to you. The prices for the extended warranty vary greatly from company to company, as does the amount of coverage you can receive. Extended auto warranties can eliminate some of the stress that comes after a breakdown knowing you're protected against most repair costs. This is why many car dealers have started offering customers the option to purchase an extended car warranty for any vehicle sold.

In addition, since ForeverCar is designed to supplement the original manufacturer's warranty, cars must meet certain requirements to qualify. If your car isn't very reliable and you're not in a financial position to risk paying for repairs or replacing the car yourself, it might be worth paying a higher upfront cost for protection through an extended warranty.

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